LMCI specializes in creating quality products and providing high caliber staff support to a wide range of customers. The LMCI product mix ranges from our flagship online career information delivery system, Texas Career Check, to a variety of specialized economic development and regional planning tools. We offer services to students through a Toll-free Career Information Hotline and provide career-oriented tabloids and monographs to assist students and job seekers in making informed education and career choices. Each of these end user products is buttressed by applied academic research on Texas labor market dynamics. LMCI offers a collection of hardcopy and online labor market, career and follow-up information products and customer support services that are second to none! If you would like to purchase any of these items, please print our Product Order FormPDF document, complete it, and mail or fax it to us.

LMCI Publications

Texas LMI Texas LMI Economic Profiles are designed to give a brief fact filled snapshot of an area economy. The Economic Profiles cover Texas as a whole and by industry, the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), and the Workforce Development Areas (WDA).

LMCI Books LMCI produces a wide variety of books, magazines, brochures, and occasional papers covering a wide range of topics designed to help parents, students, counselors, and teachers as well as labor market economists in researching the job market in Texas. Where will the jobs be? What new skills are employers looking for? How do I achieve career success? These and many more topics are covered in depth and from various different perspectives in the LMCI publications. Whether you are a student entering the workplace for the first time, someone looking for a career change or someone looking for new trends in the job market, LMCI can help you make informed decisions.
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LMCI Internet Software Products

LMCI Internet Tools In the 21st century there is no better way to provide information than through the Internet. The LMCI department offers many web-based tools to help students, counselors, teachers, workforce planners, and economic development professionals to access and use information to support education and career decision-making and strategic labor market planning. All these tools can be accessed from the main LMCI webpage at www.lmi.twc.texas.gov. Here are just a few of these on-line tools.

Teachers & Counselors

TRACER2 LMCI prides itself on providing support to teachers and counselors throughout the State of Texas. Request a Free Teacher/Counselor Pack, or download our Class Request Form.PDF document

Workforce and Education Reports

TWC Logo Workforce and Education Reports
A before-and-after look at career and education success for graduates of public and higher education (statewide) and workforce program participants (both statewide and regionally). Employment rates, wages and more.

LMCI Outreach and Training

The LMCI department conducts outreach efforts and training in education and career information as well as labor market information. LMCI specialists are available to provide a wide variety of services to enable our community partners to better understand the products we offer.

Education and Career Outreach

Primarily aimed at the education community, outreach efforts can range from career exploration presentations and teacher in-service facilitation to career fairs. These can be done from elementary schools to college campuses. Use the contact information below to inquire as to how LMCI can assist you.
Telephone Number: (800) 822-7526
Email: careerinformation@twc.texas.gov

Labor Market Information Outreach

LMCI specialists are also available to conduct short presentations on labor market highlights to in-depth training on LMCI products and services. These can be done for our workforce board partners and other economic entities.
Telephone Number: (866) 938-4444
Email: lmci@twc.texas.gov

Many of these end-user products rely on data generated through a variety of programs operated in cooperation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The department provides monthly, survey-based estimates of payroll employment, and estimates of unemployed persons and state and local unemployment rates. LMCI conducts extensive employer surveys to generate occupational wage estimates and generate detailed industry employment and payroll wage data. These data form the backbone of an extraordinarily rich data environment from which to understand the Texas labor market.